May 5-July 30, 2013

LogoLine Resized2

Launched May 5th, 2013.

July 31, 2013-December 31, 2013


A new logo for LogoLine was implemented on July 31, 2013. Although, the symbol on the first logo remains in use. This change was made to better reflect the usage of LogoLine everywhere. The font used in this logo is Yanone Kaffeesatz Bold.

January 1, 2014-present


When the LogoLine founder retired, This new logo was implemented with a modified version of the first symbol, and the text now in a more, contemporary font. It is launched on New Year's Day 2014. This logo resembles both the previous and the first one. The previous one had the symbol absent and used in others and finally makes the return.



Special Logos



  • "Where the past logos come alive." (2013) (Notes: Returning in 2014.)
  • "A database of 562 freely usable logos to which anyone can contribute." (2013-present)
  • "A timeline of logos." (2014, tentative)
  • "The free logo and branding site" (2014, tentative)
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