When you upload logos to this wiki, you are solely responsible that you don't infringe copyrighted or EVEN trademarked logos. ALWAYS get permission from the copyright holder before using any copyrighted logo. Doing so may consider it as fair use. If a logo is not copyrighted (e.g. Only text or simple geometric shapes or work from 1923 until 1977 or prior to 1923), it sometimes may still be trademarked unless it is not trademarked. If you infringe copyrighted or trademarked logos, you will be in prison for up to 5 years and you will need to pay the $250,000 fine and you will be blocked indefinitely.

Providing resources

When you upload a logo, you need to provide a source, author, a brief description in the description box, a date, and select an appropriate license in the so that we'll determine if any info is valid. You also need to enter a different filename instead of the original name you uploaded. Here's an example on what all the info should look like:

LogoLine Upload Example.png

If you upload a logo without a source, author, a brief description, license, copyright, and trademark, this image will deleted.

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